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Elecard Converter Studio (ELCCS)


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Nhà sản xuất: Elecard

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Elecard Converter Studio is a software for high speed and superior quality multimedia conversion to many popular formats, such as AVC/H.264, MPEG-2, Blu-Ray, HDV, DVD, DV and will be an ideal solution for such devices as Sony PlayStation3™, Apple iPhone™, and Apple iPod™ of all modifications. Thanks to the Flash Video format support users will be able convert their videos into FLV files and publish them on popular web sites, such as YouTube™, Myspace™, Yahoo!™ and others. The owners of AVCHD® Camcorders might find it a useful product, which will allow them to convert footage from their camcorders into formats supported by their favorite editing software.

What's new in 3.5

  • Supports the Intel® Media SDK H.264/AVC hardware encoder
  • Supports the Intel® Media SDK H.264/AVC hardware encoder
  • Watch folder mode. The program automatically scans the chosen folder for new media files and if any are found, they are added to the task list with the predefined encoding settings (Pro version only).

  • MPEG-2 encoding. Enables you to create DVD, HDV, HD-DVD and Blu-raycompatible files that can be later stored to a disc or other data medium.

  • AVC/H.264 encoding. Using the cutting-edge encoding formats you can prepare media content for different purposes, from network broadcasting to HD encoding for HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs.

  • FLV encoding. You can convert video files into the format compatible with Adobe Flash Player.

  • DV encoding. The program allows saving your videos in a popular DV AVI format which is widely used for editing purposes. The format makes it easy to edit video, while delivering an outstanding quality-to-size ratio.

  • AVCHD® encoding. You can convert video files into format compatible with AVCHD® cameras.Saving video in the uncompressed or lossless AVI format. The program makes it possible to save your videos in uncompressed or in lossless compressed AVI format.

  • Two-pass MPEG-2 and AVC/H.264 encoding. Significantly improves the quality and makes encoding with the set file size possible.

  • EIA-708 Closed Caption support in AVC/H.264

  • Encoding DVD Subpictures to DVB Subtitles

  • MPEG-1 Layer II, AAC (HE AAC ) and WAV PCM audio encoding. A wide variety of audio formats lets you choose a necessary format for each task.

  • Full-featured DVD. You won’t need to use separate applications while working with DVDs anymore, just run Elecard Converter Studio and let it do the job.

  • Commercial advertisement. Insert your own commercials into your videos (Pro version only).

  • File part encoding. Allows particular encoding a video file.

  • Chapter points. Adds chapter points to your videos while encoding them.

  • Extended access to the settings of different components. Professionals that need full control over the settings will definitely appreciate this feature.

  • Full-featured multi-channel stream. The program allows not only opening a multichannel stream and choosing the needed channel, but also creating multi-channel streams, applying individual settings for each channel. MPEG multiplexer is also optimized for creating multi-program files (Pro version only).

  • Direct copying of video and audio. Enables you to copy original stream from input file to output file without conversion, thus making the encoding process faster avoiding any quality loss.

  • Multiplexing into AVI, MP-4, MPEG-2 PS/TS with Elementary Stream Saving. A wide variety of file formats and the option of Elementary Stream saving makes all further work with the files much easier.

  • Indexing of MPEG files. After you have encoded MPEG files, you can create an index file which is necessary for network broadcasting (Pro version only).

  • Set of default profiles for optimal encoding. Using our default profiles, you can create media files compatible with various devices.

  • Creating, editing and saving profiles. You can create a new profile, save it and use in your future tasks.

  • Cluster encoding. Allows you to assign particular tasks to different computers connected to the same local area network.

  • AVS (Avisynth Script). Allows non-linear video editing and transformation (cutting, copying, deinterlacing, color correction, etc.).

  • Video denoising. Higher picture quality with the help of Elecard ClearWork filter and NVIDIA CUDA technology.

  • Teletext support


Output formats:

  • MPEG-2 Program Stream (ISO/IEC 13818-1)
  • MPEG-2 Transport Stream (ISO/IEC 13818-1) (Pro/Pro HD versions only)
  • MP4 (ISO/IEC 14496-14)
  • MP4 Sony PSP compatible file
  • MP4 Apple iPod compatible file
  • MP4 ISMA compatible file
  • AVI file
  • Elementary Stream (Annex B Type II) (ISO/IEC 11172-1)

Output elementary stream formats:

  • MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 High Profile (ISO/IEC 14496-10)
  • MPEG-2 HighLevel@HighProfile (ISO/IEC 13818-2)
  • MPEG-4 (ISO/IEC 14496-2)
  • DV25 (SMPTE 314M-1999)
  • AAC (ISO/IEC 13818-7)
  • MPEG-1 Audio (Layer I, Layer II), MPEG-2 Audio (Layer I, Layer II) (ISO/IEC 11172-3)
  • Uncompressed AVI files

Input formats:

  • Uncompressed AVI files (RGB, YV12, YUY2)
  • DV25, MPEG-4 SP/ASP (AVI file)
  • AVS (Avisynth Script)
  • MPEG-1/2 (MPEG PS/TS, VES, ES, XPL file)
  • H.264 (MOV, MP4, MPEG PS/TS, VES, XPL file)
  • PCM
  • Dolby Digital (Stream copy)
  • MPEG-1 Audio Layer II
  • MPEG-1 Audio Layer III
  • AAC (Advanced Audio Codec)
FeaturesMobileAVC HDConsumerPro
Supported Input Formats
MPEG-4 AVCYesYesYesYes
DVC Pro 50/100NoNoNoYes
MPEG-1 Layer 1/2/3YesYesYesYes
Dolby DigitalYesYesYesYes
Supported Video Encoding Formats
Maximal resolution limitsYes(720x576)NoNoNo
MPEG-4 AVCYes(Main@3.1)NoYes(High@5.1)Yes(High@5.1)
DVC Pro50*NoNoNoYes
DVC Pro100*NoNoNoYes
Supported Audio Encoding Formats
MPEG-1 Layer 2YesYesYesYes
Multiplexing Formats
Sound correctionNoYesYesYes
Logo insertionNoNoNoYes
Chapter PointNoNoNoYes
Advertisement insertionNoNoNoYes
Enhanced file processing modeNoYesYesYes
MPEG files indexingNoNoNoYes
MPEG-2 TS files encryptionNoNoNoYes
Encoding with constant bitrate (CBR)NoNoNoYes
General settings of video encodersNoYesYesYes
Advanced settings of encodersNoNoNoYes
Advanced settings of MPEG-2 TS multiplexerNoNoNoYes
Creation of multiprogram streamsNoNoNoYes
Watch Folder modeNoNoNoYes
Console application modeNoNoNoYes
Cluster encoding **NoNoNoYes
HASP HL protection ****NoNoNoYes
  • * - not implemented, will be available in the next versions
  • ** - delivered as option for Pro versions
  • **** - Elecard Converter Studio Pro versions are protected with HASP HL. HASP is a hardware-based protection and licensing system. The Elecard Converter Studio Pro program can be activated only when the HASP key is connected to the computer USB port.

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Hotline: HCM 093 449 8189
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