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Metus Ingest (MTIG)

Metus Ingest

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Metus Ingest is the most cost effective all in one tool for capturing, transcoding and streaming in the world. Period.

It’s a recorder... It’s a transcoder...  It’s a streamer..  It’s all three put together, inside one wrapper

Metus Ingest is the constanly evolving and improving result of over a decade of experience with software based multimedia encoding, coupled with state-of-the-art design. It is a capture, streming and transcoding software designed to be useful for a wide variety of purposes, in a wide variety of industries, without compromising from professional quality and performance. It is, in other words, a kind of a multimedia Swiss-Army-Knife. Hundreds of existing and happy users from across the world, ranging from education to corporate to broadcast to military is living proof of the success of the design concept.

Metus Ingest can capture, stream or transcode from multiple sources simultaneously. Every source can have different resolutions in SD or HD. Each source can be captured in multiple files with different  formats.. Or streamed in a number of different compressions and bitrates.. Or captured and streamed at the same time. Each channel can be individually controlled. There is no limit other than the power of the workstation running the application, to what can be done with it.

Analog  composite, component, HDMI, HD/SDI inputs are supported via a variety of market leading capture card manufacturers, including Blackmagic Design, Viewcast, Deltacast using low level SDK for stability and performance. Plus, you can use your favorite Directshow capture card or webcam if you want to, as source. Plus, you can use DVB-S cards from Dektec to capture and stream directly from satellite. Plus, why need a capture device at all, if you want to capture or re-stream directly from IP inputs? Or, use files and watch folders as source, in case you want to use Metus Ingest as a batch file transcoder

Our continuously expanding set of supported video and audio formats include:

Video file wrappers:     MPG, M2P, AVI, F4V, MXF, MOV, XDCAM, MP4,

                                     MPEG TS, WMV, P2)                                     

Video essences:           MPEG2, DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50,

                                     DVCPROHD, uncompressed, H.264, AVC, AVC-  

                                     Intra, IMX, VC-1,)            

Audio file wrappers:     WAV, M4A,

Audio essences            PCM, AAC, WMA

Streaming:                    WMV in mms; H264 or MPEG-2 as TS in RTP, 

                                     RTMP,  UDP                                                                         

Metus Ingest is a Windows software optimized from ground up to make the most of any PC hardware it’s installed on. Being a native 64bit software, it’s able to benefit from 64bit computing advantages on Windows7.  Consequently, it’s possible to get the kind of performance out of Metus Ingest, that was previously thought to be only available from dedicated high end video capture servers. Metus Ingest can capture up to 4 channels of full HD video or 8 channels of SD MPEG2 or MXF video. Further, being able to support the latest hardware acceleration provided by new graphics chipsets, it can capture or stream up to 4 channels of full HD H264 video, whereas other software could barely do one (please check with us for the necessary hardware config).

We do not tell you how to capture. We fit into what workflow you have. Metus Ingest has many modes of operation. You can simply make a crash capture and record a live event in your studio. You can start, pause, stop and split individual channels or all channels at the same time. You can connect a VTR, enter your in&out points and make a batch capture. You can print back to tape a video file in the same manner. You can program a schedule into your input channels, including events to control popular video routers (so far, Harris, Kramer, Blackmagic, Quartz, Jupiter and Snell) and have NxM operation (N input channels captured or streamed into Y Metus channels) according to your schedule. You can, if you are capturing from DVB or IP sources that have EPG, even extract the EPG and create a schedule from that.

What to do with the recorded media without letting users buried under a ton of files? Metus Ingest has the answer. Files can be automatically named according to user defined naming templates. Files can be split automatically according to duration or size. Once the local media storage space starts filling up, Metus Ingest can be setup with media management rules to automatically move files to another location, or delete files starting from oldest. If the files will be imported into a media management system, users can enter metadata during capture, that can be automatically written to the archive afterwards.

Metus Ingest is very easy to use as stand alone. Every control and window required for manual operation is in the same screen, and all possible configurations can be saved into user profiles and project files. As a result, any user, whatever his background in video, can be trained in the operation with a minimum of effort. This does not mean however, that Metus Ingest does not have the features to be deployed and managed in huge multi channel deployments. All actions are logged, and critical operations can be password protected. There is a Ingest Controller software that allows  remote control and monitoring of all Ingest instances on a local network, and TCP/IP based API for custom application integration.

Rescaling (aspect ratio and resolution change) from input signal/file to output file/stream? No problem.

Multi audio capture and streaming from SDI or TS source? No problem.

Audio channel remapping? Piece of cake. 

Closed caption from input to file or stream? Extremely simple.

LTC/VITC burn in to file, and detecting timecode breaks? Easy teasy.

Logo/text/time overlay to file? Done deal. 

Record to network location with local caching? But, of course. 

EPG extraction from TS? Been there?

These are some of the advanced features we provide, that make a great product stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

Metus Ingest takes the maximum quality out of the input signal, whether you are capturing uncompressed  video or web quality H264, using advanced image pre-filtering algorithms. Metus  Ingest is frame accurate. Files captured or transcoded from from the same source always have the same length, down to the last frame. Metus Ingest allows capture without frame loss. Once you hit that red button, you immediately start to capture or stream. No arming period, no preparation time, no lost or dropped video frames. If you split a recording, no frames will be lost at the split point. And most importantly, Metus Ingest is proven to be stable under continuous operation. Once you have tested your configuration of profiles against your hardware, you can be sure that it’s going to keep on working. No fuss, no complaints, just quiet 7x24 stable competence. That’s how Metus Ingest has made its way into the studios and ingest rooms of big broadcasters, into mission control rooms and media monitoring centers, into military test sites and the like.

 Who can benefit from metus ingest?

TV stations

Whether recording a live event in the studio, or in the ingest room controlling a VTR, or capturing feeds 7x24, the wide format  support, instant response, frame lossless operation and 7x24 reliability of Metus Ingest, allows it to fit like a glove into any TV workflow or system

Post Production Facilities

VTR batch capture and print to tape options, and watch folder support , combined with the wide range of broadcast formats and superior capture quality, makes Metus Ingest an ideal choice as ingest, outgest, and transcoding appliance for post production facilities

Content Houses, Media Distribution Companies

Every day dozens of cassettes are coming in for processing and coming out for distribution. Plus more and more customers want their content delivered by ftp, in X many different formats.  How to clean up this mess, without employing an army of professional operators? Metus Ingest’s extreme ease of use, combined with VTR batch capture,  print to tape, automatic naming and watch folder based batch transcoding options, bring all these operations at the fingertips of a single operator.. who could be the receptionist.

Live production    Companies

Whether recording a production in the OBVan, or recording a conference to your laptop, the professional broadcast video quality of Metus Ingest, combined with efficient use of hardware resources and ease of use, make it an ideal choice for live production. Need to capture in multiple formats? Need to stream to web at the same time too? No problem. We’ve got you covered.


New Media, web TV, IPTV

A lot of people, increasing every day, are producing and publishing content for only web and mobile. Whether for streaming a live signal to web, or for converting a batch of files automatically to X many required formats for web and mobile publishing, Metus Ingest is an indispenseable and affordable tool for such people.

Media Monitoring Facilities, News Agencies

The security, logging, remote control and monitoring facilities of Metus Ingest, combined with features like router control, scheduled capture, EPG based capture, DVB/IP inputs and 7x24 stability, transform the task of monitoring and recording a huge number of channels from a pain-in-the-neck, to a walk-in-the-park

Corporate, Educational, Medical

The ease of use of Metus Ingest, combined with its extensive feature set, allow it to be used by people who are not video professionals, for any type of live, VTR based or scheduled capture, streaming or transcoding task for Corporate, Educational, Medical markets

Government, Security, Military

The uncompromising performance and stability of Metus Ingest, combined with advanced video processing, security and management features, make it an ideal tool for mission critical environments like government, security and military projects

Tech Specs

Multi channel, multi source, multi format, multi destination capture, streaming, transcoding in a single application.

Video,  IP and DVB inputs, depending on capture source.

Supported capture devices: (other models from each vendor may also work, these listed are the tested & validated models)

Blackmagic Design:       Decklink Studio, Decklink HD Extreme 3D,

                                    Intensity Pro, Decklink SP, Decklink Extreme                                   

Deltacast:                     DELTA-sdi and DELTA-hd family of cards.

Viewcast:                      Osprey 230, 260e, 440, 460e

Digital Rapids:               DRC-500, DRC-1000, DRC-1400

Dektec:                         DTA-2107 DVB-S2 capture card for DVB capture

IEEE1394 firewire devices

Webcam and other Directshow based devices

Audio cards with Windows standard drivers

IP stream capture

Mix and match multiple capture cards and devices with the same instance

Simultaneous multi channel video audio capture from multiple devices (as many as the platform can handle)

Capture multiple formats simultaneously from same source-multi profile operation

Supported wrappers: (MPG, M2P, AVI, F4V, MXF, MOV, XDCAM, MP4, TS, WMV, WAV, M4A, P2)

Supported video and audio essences (MPEG2, DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50, DVCPROHD, uncompressed, H.264, AVC, AVC-Intra, IMX, VC-1, PCM, AAC, WMA)

High Definition support is standard, no upgrades needed

Supports capture of up to 8 SD or 4 HD channels on single platform (please check with us on the hardware requirements and capture format)

Hardware accelerated H.264 recording on supported platforms – up to 4 HD H.264 capture or streaming on a single platform (please check with us on the hardware requirements and capture format)

IP streaming output: SD and HD H.264 streaming at UDP and RTP

Capture, stream or simultaneously capture and stream from the same source, at different formats and qualities.

Multi channel audio capture (SDI embedded or from audio device) to MPEG, MXF, MP4, MOV, AVI files and audio channel remapping support

Scheduled and manual capture modes

VTR control and batch capture modes

Print to tape

Supports LTC and VITC burn in to files

Detects timecode breaks

Closed captioning support (with Deltacast and Blackmagic boards)

Supports video matrix control (Harris, Kramer, Blackmagic, Quartz, Jupiter and Snell routers)

Supports still and animated logo, text, and time overlay to captured files

Lossless manual and auto split of files

Smart auto naming of files based on user defined criteria

Rule based media management - delete or move video files based on user defined rules

Supports Safe Network Recording (transfers to a network location on the fly/realtime)

Supports SafeCopy with MPG files (playing and transferring MPG files that are still being captured, feature needs to be used with Metus MAM)

Supports edit while capturing (playing and transferring MPEG files that are still being captured, feature needs to be used with Metus MAM)

Metadata input during capture

User defineable live action marker buttons to mark points and regions on the capturing files (like Goal, Bomb, etc)

Customisable front end, with individual preview screens for each encoder

Each channel can be individually controlled, all channels can also be globally controlled

IP based multi channel remote control option

Remote control software – control and monitor all Metus Ingest instances running on a network

Can be used as file based transcoder, with watch folder and batch transcoding support

Password protection of critical operations

Operations log

Win 7 pro 32 and 64bit, Win2008 Server 32 and 64bit support. Supports 64bit natively

Proven rock solid 7x24 reliability tested at over 500 deployments

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