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telyMed (TELYMED)


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Nhà sản xuất: Tely Labs

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The telyMed™ video calling solution from Tely Labs provides a simple, secure and affordable way to diagnose patients, provide ongoing outpatient care and enable patient-family communications over long distances, delivering much of the benefit of in-person care without the need for time-consuming travel.

Unlike other telemedicine solutions, telyMed is based on the award-winning telyHD™ video calling platform, so it’s simple and affordable. And because it’s both Skype™ certified and SIP standard compatible, telyMed can be used to call anyone, anywhere in the world, with any Skype or SIP enabled device including laptops, tablets or mobile phones, as well as connect to traditional video conferencing systems.

What it is

telyMed is a software license that can be applied to telyHD (CE) or telyHD Business Edition products to provide additional functionality especially suited for healthcare applications

How it works

telyMed software upgrade is installed on a telyHD or telyHD Business Edition via an activation code. Upon installation, the default background screen color and product logo changes to show telyMed functionality has been added.


Strong Security

Video, audio and application sharing are all protected with AES 256 encryption to ensure data security and patient health information privacy.

Additional security features

  • Lock users, so only specified user accounts can use a telyMed. Account management and factory reset options can also be locked. This ensures telyMed remains online and available when needed.
  • Call logging can be disabled to help maintain patient privacy.
  • Call locking features can disable inbound video calls, disallow Skype PSTN calls, or lock outbound video calls to named accounts only. This ensures that a telyMed at a medical facility is only used to initiate patient calls, to increate security and manage costs.

Remote camera pan/tilt/zoom

telyMed can be configured to operate the camera on the remote telyMed, with digital pan, tilt and zoom functions. This is very useful for remote diagnoses, without requiring any technical expertise of the patient.

Application and desktop sharing

The telyShare App, included with telyHD Business Edition, allows live, secure sharing of images or documents with up to 5 remote participants, along with video and audio communications.

Multi-party video call participation

telyMed can participate in multi-party video calls when upgraded to telyHD Business Edition. This allows up to six healthcare providers in different locations, for example a general practitioner, specialist, and nurse, to consult with a remote patient simultaneously in order to save time, cost, and potential health risks of travel.

Thời gian làm việc
- Từ 8h30 - 21h30
- Đặt hàng online 24/24
Kinh doanh
Hotline: 093 449 8189
Hotline: HCM 093 449 8189
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Thông tin liên hệ
- Phòng 706, Tầng 7, Tháp T2, Times Tower - HACC1 Complex Building, Lê Văn Lương, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội.
- Tel: 024 37151566
- Email:
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