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REV PRO Digital Media System (Media 10-Pack) (RPM-35-10PACK-AM_1201298286)

REV PRO Digital Media System (Media 10-Pack)

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Based on the Iomega REV removable storage system, Grass Valley REV PRO drives and disks are specifically engineered for the demands of video professionals and offer unprecedented price/performance for video recording, editing, delivery and archiving. REV PRO brings workflow security and efficiency to all popular editing systems, including EDIUS Pro, and is a cornerstone of Grass Valley's Infinity Series line of IT-immersed acquisition and workflow products.

REV PRO disks deliver the portability and cost-effectiveness of a video tape with the speed, flexibility, and ease of use of nonlinear, random access media. REV PRO delivers realtime recording and playback with a minimum total sustained data rate of 110Mbps to support a single stream of high-definition (HD) video or two simultaneous streams of standard-definition (SD) video. With a storage capacity of 35GB per disk, REV PRO offers approximately 45 minutes of high-quality HD video or more than two hours of SD video. In addition, REV PRO features enhanced security, providing password protection of content.
REV PRO is ideal for video recording and playback, but it can also do much more, such as project management, content distribution and archiving. Since nonlinear editors view REV PRO disks as hard drives, data can be captured directly onto a REV PRO disk. Both footage and edited pieces can be saved on the same media, along with any associated project files and media assets for complete portability.

The REV technology is unique in incorporating the disk and motor in a sealed cartridge, with the heads and all associated electronics in the drive. This makes the exchangeable disks very cost effective while maintaining very high data rates. The REV PRO disk itself is highly rugged, operating in temperatures from –10ºC to 60ºC (14°F to 140°F). Accelerated ageing tests show a long-term archival life of more than 30 years, and a single disk can perform over one million record/erase cycles.

In addition, REV PRO media and drives are compatible with standard consumer-based REV products. This means when on location, editors can use standard REV products available from retail stores worldwide. However, to benefit from REV PRO’s enhanced performance, password protection, and durability features, REV PRO media and drives are the best choice for video professionals.

Infinity is a complete series of products from Grass Valley designed around the use of standard IT platforms and components to deliver a better workflow for broadcasters. First products in the series include the HD/SD Infinity Digital Media Camcorder and the Infinity Digital Media Recorder, a VTR-like device capable of reading, writing and networking content on standard REV, REV PRO and Compact Flash media. Since REV PRO media offers sustained video rates of 110Mbps, the Infinity Digital Media Camcorder can shoot and record, and at the same time be delivering either the same or different content by file transfer.

  • Low-cost IT-based drives and removable disk-based media, designed for
    video professionals
  • Combines the nonlinear advantages of a hard-disk drive with the portability and cost-effectiveness of videotape
  • Realtime recording and playback to/from the media; sustained data rate of 110Mbps minimum offers throughput to support the highest quality HD
  • Multi-segment caching supports simultaneous write and read (dual streams)
  • Storage capacity of 35GB per disk, providing more than two hours of DV-based and HDV-based video record time
  • Robust drives and disks, offering enhanced temperature and altitude ranges
  • Enhanced security through password protection of data, and multi-pass, low-level disk formatting
  • Compatible with all popular NLE software applications, and Windows® and
    Mac OS® operating systems
  • Disk drives are available in either external USB 2.0 or FireWire models, or internal ATAPI or SATA models

 Chi tiết

REV PRO Drive Package Contents:
  • REV PRO Digital Media drive
  • 1 x REV PRO 35GB disk*
  • Installation CD-ROM
  • User manual
  • 5.25-inch mounting kit (included with internal models only)
  • 1 x power supply cable (included with internal models only)
  • REV PRO Drive Package Contents(Continued):
  • AC power supply (included with external models only)
  • 1 x SATA data cable (included with SATA model only)
  • 1 x EIDE data cable (included with ATAPI model only)
  • 1 x 6-pin to 6-pin FireWire cable (included with FireWire model only)
  • 1 x USB cable (included with USB model only)
  • Minimum System Requirements: Windows 2000 Professional or Windows 2000 Server (Service Pack 4 or later), Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Professional x64 (Service Pack 2 or later), Windows Server™ 2003, Windows Small Business Server 2003, Mac OS 10.4 or Mac OS Server 10.4 and above
    Minimum System Requirement(Continued):
  • One free 3.5-inch or 5.25-inch mounting bay (for ATAPI or SATA models)
  • One free 1394 IEEE FireWire connection (for FireWire models)
  • One free USB 2.0 connection* (for USB models) * REV PRO USB drives can operate on a USB 1.1 connection, but disk performance will be significantly reduced

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