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Hauppauge Media MVP (WTVMVP)

Hauppauge Media MVP

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Nhà sản xuất: Hauppauge

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Watch and listen to PC music, videos or pictures on your TV set!

  • Watch PC based music, videos and pictures on your TV set. Play slide shows with music, too!
  • Connects to Ethernet (wired) local area network.
  • Play MP3 and WMA music and playlists.
  • Play MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and DivX® videos.
  • View JPEG and GIF digital pictures.
  • Listen to Internet radio stations on your TV set.
  • S/PDIF digital audio out!

MediaMVP has these great features

  • Access digital music, videos or pictures (or Internet radio stations**) from your TV set, over your home network.
  • Uses 10Mbit or 100Mbit Ethernet, for the best network performance with any type of digital media. Plays DVD quality videos on your TV set over an Ethernet LAN!
  • SCART output (RGB, S-Video or Composite) for the best video quality on TV sets, plus stereo audio output to TV sets or home theater systems.
  • Watch digital camera pictures (JPEG or GIF) on your TV set. Play slide shows with music, too!
  • Plays MP3 music, either individual titles, all the music titles in a directory or M3U, B4S, PLS and ASX playlists.
  • Plays MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and DivX recordings made with the Hauppauge WinTV software. Will also play most other MPEG-1/2 standard video files. Will also play most standard DivX movies*. With MediaMVP’s remote control, you can pause, rewin, fast forward or jump through your recorded videos.
  • Remote control for easy access to your PC media from your TV set. MediaMVPs remote control allows you to navigate through your PCs disk drives, and displays media names, directories and other information on the TV set. MediaMVPs remote also can control the audio volume and mute of videos and music being played.

Watch and listen to your PC music, videos or pictures on your TV

MediaMVP is the link between a TV set and your PC, allowing you to watch and listen to PC based music, videos, digital pictures and Internet radio on your TV set. MediaMVP works with Ethernet wired networks, and connects through most access points, routers or switches. Up to 24 wired MediaMVPs* can be connected on a home network, or add up to four wireless MediaMVPs*. Listen to PC music on one TV set while watching an MPEG movie on another. Play a PC based MPEG movie on one MediaMVP, stop it and then resume where you left off on another MediaMVP. MediaMVP and your PC make the ultimate home media system!

MediaMVP is simple to install: install the MediaMVP server application on your PC, then connect MediaMVP to your PC through a 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet port on routers, hubs or switches. Plug MediaMVP into your TV set and in just a few minutes you’ll be able to play your PC based music, videos or digital pictures on your TV set!

Navigate through your PC media from your TV set, selecting MPEG or DivX® videos, individual music titles to listen to or digital pictures to watch. You can simultaneously play a picture slideshow while listening to a complete music tracks. Or play a music playlist (MusicMatch, Winamp and Windows Media playlists supported).

Play MPEG movies on your TV set. Create MPEG videos on your PC with Hauppauge's WinTV (optional), then play those videos on your TV set through MediaMVP. MediaMVP works with videos recorded with WinTV, WinTV-PVR and with our international digital TV receivers. MediaMVP also supports most standard MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and DivX® videos.

MediaMVPs remote control gives you complete control over your PC multimedia. Pause, fast forward, rewind, skip or fast skip through videos. Play and pause music and digital picture shows. You can adjust the audio volume from MediaMVPs remote control, so you won’t need to use your TV's remote control.

Connect MediaMVP to your home theater system! Connect MediaMVPs’ S/PDIF digital audio outputs to your home theater system and you'll be able to watch your digital videos and pictures on your TV set while listening to MediaMVP audio through your home theater speakers!

MediaMVP can be connected directly to your PC or laptop. All you need is an Ethernet cross over cable (available at most computer shops) to directly connect MediaMVP with your laptop.

Technically speaking

MediaMVP is a Linux based digital media receiver. Inside MediaMVP is a high performance IBM PowerPC processor and a hardware MPEG audio/video decoder for MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 videos and MP3 music.

MediaMVP receives digital media from the PC via the Ethernet LAN, decodes the media and outputs audio/video to the TV set through the SCART connector in RGB, Composite or S-Video. Digital pictures are software decoded by MediaMVP’s processor.

The MediaMVP Server application creates menus on the PC, which are transmitted over the LAN to the MediaMVP, where it provides the on-TV-screen display. MediaMVP receives commands from the supplied remote control, and sends these commands to the PC server, where the remote control commands are executed.


  • 2.2 GHz Intel® P4 or equivalent to play DivX movies.
  • Internet radio stations must be directly accessable via a URL to be played through MediaMVP.
  • Number of MVP's conectable dependent on computer specs, contact technical support for information about this.

System Requirements

  • Minimum processor recommended:
    • 1.2 GHz Intel® P4 or equivalent.
    • 2.2 GHz Intel® P4 or equivalent for DivX playback.
  • Microsoft Windows XP (32bit only) with Service Pack 2.
  • 10/100 RJ-45 Network port (for connection via router/switch or directly via a crossover cable.
  • 256MB RAM minimum.
  • Internet Explorer 6.0.
  • CD-ROM drive (for Software installation).

TV Set Requirements

  • SCART input. MediaMVP supports composite, s-video or RGB SCART. Aditional audio connectors via RCA and S/PDIF.

MediaMVP video decoder specification

  • Dedicated hardware decode support for MPEG-2 Transport Stream, MPEG-2 MP@ML, and MPEG-1. Decodes full CCIR601 resolution NTSC and PAL encoded MPEG-2 bit streams in real time, up to and including 720x480 (NTSC) or 720x576 (PAL).
  • Hardware audio decoder: MPEG-1 level 2 (MP3) or level 3 (PCM audio not supported at this time).
  • Decodes MPEG datarates from 1.5 Mbits/sec to 8 Mbits/sec
  • Video output: composite, S-Video and RGB (Scart equipped models only)
  • Upscales half screen resolution video to full screen. For example, MediaMVP will take 320x240 VCD video and play it full screen. It also offers a tunable Anti-Flicker Filter.
  • Three level anti-flicker filter
  • Outputs NTSC and PAL video, software selectable

MediaMVP audio decoder specification

  • Dedicated hardware decode support for MPEG-1 level 2 or level 3 audio (MP3 audio).
  • Decodes MP3 audio with datarates up to 320 Kbits/sec, variable or fixed.
  • Decodes mono and stereo. Mono audio sent to both left and right channels.

Included in the MediaMVP package

  • MediaMVP digital media receiver device.
  • Stand.
  • Wall plug power supply.
  • Remote control with batteries.
  • MediaMVP Installation CD-ROM.
  • MediaMVP QuickInstall Guide.
  • 1.5 meter SCART cable with optional RCA audio conections.
  • 1.5 meter Ethernet cable.

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